Best E-bikes of 2022: Complete Reviews with Comparisons

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Finding a suitable eBike is easier said than done. The reason for this is because there are so many options to choose from. Luckily for you, this is what we’re here to help you with today. So let’s get to it and help you find the best eBike of 2021.

Comparison Chart

51G8WYaZ2kS. SL500
ANCHEER Electric Bike Commuter EBike 350W 26” Electric Mountain Bike, 20MPH Adults Ebike with Removable 7.8/10.4Ah Battery, Professional 21 Speed Gears
41egnn GC0L. SL160
SWAGTRON SWAGCYCLE EB5 Plus Folding Electric Bike with Removable Battery |
Hicient Electric Bike Electric Bicycle for Adult 26” Electric Mountain Bike 250W Ebike 21 Speed Gear with Removable Lithium Battery and Battery Charger (Dark Black)
61EFh l4a+L. SL500
Kemanner 26 inch Electric Mountain Bike 21 Speed 36V 8A Lithium Battery Electric Bicycle for Adult (Black/Red)
419hp BKfvL. SL500
ANCHEER Electric Bike Electric Commuter Bike 500W Ebike 14” Electric Bicycle, 20MPH Adults Ebike and Removable 48V 7.5Ah Battery Scooter

Best E-bikes Reviews

ANCHEER Electric Mountain Bike

51G8WYaZ2kS. SL500

This is a fantastic option to consider, a really nice electric mountain bike that functions as a fully electric bike and a mountain bike – the best of both worlds.

Product Highlights

One thing worth noting is that this eBike comes with a 350-Watt high-speed brushless motor. Not only is this motor extremely reliable and long-lasting, but it also provides you with plenty of power for fast and long-distance travel. The motor can power this eBike at up to 20 mph, or about 32 kilometers per hour.

Moreover, with the high-quality 10 Ah, 36-Volt lithium-ion battery, you can go up to 40 miles per charge depending on how fast you go and on the operational mode you use. This eBike has an impressive motor and battery, which, considering the price, makes it a very attractive purchase. Keep in mind that it has three operational modes. This includes the eBike mode, the bicycle mode, and the combination pedal-assist mode.

In terms of the eBike itself, the frame is made of aluminum alloy, combined with a high-strength steel fork. The bike is relatively lightweight but allows for superb durability. A user weighing up to 300 lbs. can ride it. In total, this bike weighs about 50 lbs., which is not too heavy.

Also, be aware that this bike has front and rear disc brakes for excellent stopping power. You can use this as a real mountain bike, and it comes with a Shimano 21 speed derailleur, thus providing you with a full mountain bike gear range; you can race downhill and climb uphill with ease.

The Good

The good part about that is that it’s just an all-around decent eBike. It’s made with materials that are pretty durable yet also lightweight. It has a good weight capacity, an excellent battery life with a fast charging time, fast speed, many operational modes, and more. For the price, there is nothing to complain about.

The Bad

One of the only negatives about this bike is that the front easy-off wheel does not have a safety washer. This means that if the front release lever were to come loose, the wheel could easily fall off, which is dangerous.


  • 3 operational modes
  • Pedal-assist
  • Long-distance battery
  • Fast charging
  • Decent speed
  • Good overall durability and functionality


  • Issue with the quick release on the front wheel
  • Very small size

Swagtron Swagcycle Folding Ebike

41egnn GC0L. SL500

If you live in the city and want a small eBike for commuting, this is a great option. It’s small, lightweight, portable, and won’t cost you a fortune.

Product Highlights

First, this eBike comes fully pre-assembled, so you don’t have to do any assembly. Second, this is a very small eBike. The seat and handlebars can be adjusted for all users, but it’s still a very small unit; the wheels are only 14 inches. Finally, keep in mind that they are quick-disconnect wheels that allow for easy maintenance.

The good thing about this eBike is how small and lightweight it is. It comes with a folding frame that can fold in three places, which means that you can easily fit it inside a vehicle, an elevator, or a small apartment. Being so compact definitely has its advantages.

With that being said, it can still handle users up to 264 lbs. The aluminum frame is very lightweight, but it is pretty tough as well; it’s not the toughest frame in the world, but it still holds its own, especially considering the price.

This eBike features two operational modes, which include the power-assist mode and the pedaling mode. The pedaling mode allows you to pedal this bike just as you would a regular bike, and the power-assist mode provides you with a bit of extra juice as you pedal.

With that being said, keep in mind that this bike does not allow you to only use the motor, at least not if you want to get very far. The range is about 15.5 miles on a single charge, and that is also using the pedaling mode. It is quite a speedy little eBike, but its range is not the best. With that said, it takes 4 hours to achieve a full charge.

The Good

The good thing about this eBike is how portable it is. It’s small, lightweight, and the frame can fold in three places. So it’s very convenient for people who have to deal with tight spaces.

The Bad

What’s not great about this eBike is the same thing that makes it so fantastic; it’s very small in size. Sure, it is very convenient, but that said, it just can’t deal with large riders. There’s also the fact that it has a somewhat limited range.


  • Small and compact
  • Lightweight
  • Foldable
  • Convenient for tight spaces
  • Lightweight yet durable frame
  • 2 operational modes


  • Not ideal for large people
  • Limited range

Hicient Electric Bike

Here we have another electric mountain bike with three operational modes. If you like the mountain bike style but want a little help propelling you forward, this is a great option.

Product Highlights

This particular eBike comes with a 36 Volt, 250-Watt, high-speed brushless motor. For the relatively low price, the fact that the motor is so strong is quite impressive. Not only do you get a strong motor, but you also get an aluminum alloy frame which is very lightweight yet also quite tough.

Combining a lightweight frame and a powerful motor allows this eBike to go up to 28 kilometers on a single charge. This distance is quite impressive, all things considered, not to mention that it only takes about 6 hours to achieve a full charge.

Keep in mind that this eBike has three operational modes – the purely electric mode, the assisted mode, and the pedal mode. You can only use electricity, use only your feet, or use a combination.

On a side note, the maximum speed of this eBike is 30 kilometers per hour. Moreover, if you want all of the speed to come from your own muscles, this eBike features a 21-speed transmission system, which allows for speedy descents and reliable hill climbs.

This unit has front and rear disc brakes, and there is a suspension in the fork for a bit of impact absorption. Although this bike is made quite tough, it is not something we would use as a real mountain bike to ride trails, as the components really are not built for it.

The Good

What’s really nice about this bike is that you get the best of both worlds. What we mean is that you get a highly reliable eBike that can travel long distances on a single charge, as well as a fairly durable mountain bike that can handle some pretty rough terrain. There’s also the fact that it is relatively affordable.

The Bad

Although this eBike can handle rugged terrain, it is not really a full-scale mountain bike in the sense that you probably shouldn’t ride trails with it. It is built tough, but probably not tough enough to handle the kind of punishment that would come its way riding down a mountainside


  • Good price
  • Lightweight frame
  • Quite durable
  • Fast charging
  • Long-distance on a single charge
  • Quite speedy
  • 3 operational modes


Not tough enough for real mountain biking

Kemanne Electric Folding Mountain Bike

61EFh l4a+L. SL500

We have what is essentially a combination of all of the other eBike that we have looked at so far. This is a combination eBike and mountain bike that can fold into a compact package for great convenience.

Product Highlights

Right off the bat, what really stands out about this eBike is that it can travel long distances on a single charge. This is due to the high-capacity 36V lithium-ion battery. Keep in mind that this eBike has two operational modes: assisted mode and eBike mode. The battery can travel up to 15.5 miles on a single charge and up to 31 miles in the assisted mode.

All things considered, the operational distance is quite good; moreover, the top speed is around 21.7 miles per hour. Considering that this bike comes at such a reasonable price, both the top speed and the operation distance are impressive.

This eBike comes with a full front suspension as well as an in-frame suspension under the seat. This means that it can absorb a lot of shock and impact to keep you comfortable for the duration of your ride. Moreover, you also get a 21-speed Shimano professional transmission system and front and rear mechanical disc brakes.

The wheel size is 26 inches, which means that this bike can handle fairly large riders, and the bike itself weighs around 70 lbs., which is heavy. So it’s not the kind of thing that you want to be lugging up and down the stairs.

The Good

The most impressive feature is that this eBike can travel such far distances at high speeds on a single charge. Of course, the fact that it can fold into a compact package is convenient.

The Bad

A definite drawback with this eBike is that it weighs nearly 70 lbs, making it one of the heaviest options on our list. We’ve also heard that assembling it is no walk in the park.


  • Very durable
  • Great disc brakes
  • Great suspension and shock absorption
  • Long-distance on a single charge
  • Powerful motor
  • Good top speed


  • Assembly is difficult
  • Very heavy

Ancheer 500 Watt Electric Commuter Bike

419hp BKfvL. SL500

If you need a very fast and powerful this eBike that can travel long distances on a single charge, this is a great option to look into, particularly if you want something very high quality that will last for years.

Product Highlights

This eBike comes with a 500-Watt high-speed brushless motor. This is by far the most powerful motor on the list today, and this means that this eBike can travel far and fast. Furthermore, this motor is extraordinarily reliable and long-lasting, and it can power this eBike up to speeds of 22 mph. Therefore, it is one of the best eBike motors on our list, and one of the best in general.

Moreover, the 48-Volt battery is very impressive as well. It takes about 6 hours to charge. The bike can achieve maximum speeds of around 22 mph. Now, in terms of distance, it can go 22 miles in the throttle mode. However, if you use the pedal-assist mode, you can get up to 38 miles out of this unit.

The aluminum alloy frame is very durable yet also fairly lightweight. As a whole, this bike weighs 53 pounds, which is pretty heavy, but as far as eBikes go, not too bad at all. Furthermore, we like that it is pretty tough with a load capacity of around 330 lbs.

The Shimano 21-speed derailleur will propel you forward, no matter if you’re going up or downhill. You also get front and rear disc brakes for stopping power.

The Good

The great thing about this eBike is that it is fast and can travel long distances on a single charge. In this sense, it’s simply one of the best units on the list today.

The Bad

The bad part about this bike is that some of the components, mainly the front fork, are somewhat weak. Most of the bike’s components just aren’t designed for heavy-duty punishment. It’s not a bike that you want to hit too many potholes with.


  • Good price
  • Lightweight
  • Great top speed
  • Two operational modes
  • Long distance on a single charge
  • Great brakes
  • Very powerful motor


Some of the components could be more durable

Buyer’s Guide

Before you shop for an eBike, there are a few things you should look for.

Pedal Assist or Throttle?

Ideally, you want an eBike that has both pedal-assist and throttle modes. Throttle mode means that you can only use electricity to go forward, whereas the pedal-assist mode means that you can use both electricity and manual pedaling for propulsion. Some options allow for a third mode, which is pedal only. If you want the best of the best, go for an eBike that has all three.

Motor Type

Without a doubt, look for a brushless motor. In terms of performance, reliability, and longevity, nothing compares to a brushless motor.

Battery Size

Something fundamental when buying an eBike is the battery size in terms of the Ah rating. The higher the Ah rating, the more power the battery can store and the longer it will last. 10 Ah is an excellent place to start.

Removeable or Built-in Battery?

Built-in batteries tend to be more reliable and affordable, although there are obvious convenience factors to consider with removable batteries, mainly with maintenance.


Are Front or Rear Drive Electric Bikes Better?

Generally speaking, rear-drive electric bikes have a better center of gravity and balance, which comes in particularly handy when riding uphill. So aim for a rear-wheel drive in bikes of all kinds.

What are the Best Brands of Electric Mountain Bikes to Buy?

Three of the most popular electric mountain bike brands out there include Priority, Ancheer, and Swagtron, among several others.

What whether or not eBikes are street legal depends on where you live. That said, the bikes are often defined by their weight. For instance, some places say that eBikes must weigh under 250 lbs. to be allowed on the road.

Do Electric Bikes Go Without Pedaling?

If you get an eBike that has a throttle or electric-only mode, then yes, it will go without pedaling.

Are 250 watts Enough for an E-bike?

Strictly speaking, 250 watts is enough for an eBike, although it’s at the lower end of the scale.


When it comes down to it, our No. 1 recommendation is the Ancheer 500 Watt Electric Commuter Bike. We chose this one because it’s got the most powerful battery and motor so you’d be able to travel the longest distances at the highest speeds. Simply put, if you want to go far and go fast, this is the eBike for you. With that being said, all the eBike that we have reviewed today are good options to consider.

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