Integrally-molded Breathable Cycling Helmet



  • Brand name: Peaches
  • Type of material: EPS
  • Certification: CE
  • Origin CN (origin)
  • Type of product: Light helmet
  • Air vents 8 to 15
  • Model: Adjustable bicycle helmet
  • Product one: Multi-purpose/adjustable/lightweight helmet
  • Product two: Cycling helmet for man
  • Product three: Helmet cycling/riding helmet/safety helmet
  • Product four: Light bicycle helmet/ski helmet/light bicycle

Package Includes

  • 1 helmet
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This is the perfect companion for all your mountain and trail adventures. It offers complete protection with its in-mold tech, whereby the helmet is connected directly with the absorbing EPS material. In addition, it has an increased number of ventilation openings, and the placement angles and integrated channels offer significant air circulation for enhanced cooling.

The adjustment feature offers precision interlocking to ensure it fits perfectly while still maintaining a high degree of comfort while wearing it.

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Brand Name






Age Group

(Adults) Men



Air Vents

8 – 15


Light Helmet

Model Number

Adjustable Bicycle Led Helmet


Dropshipping and Wholesale

product 1

Multi-purpose/Lightweight/Adjustable Helmet

product 2

Cycling helmet for man/men's motorcycle helmet

product 3

Motorcycle helmet/Helmet cycling/safety helmet/riding helmet

product 4

Ski helmet/light bicycle helmet/Light bicycle

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