Max4out 21 Speed Mountain Bike Review

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If you search online for mountain bikes, you will see many that cost multiple hundreds of dollars, and some sell for well upwards of $1,000.

Now, not everyone can, nor wants to, pay that for a mountain bike, which is probably why affordable options like the Max4out 21 Speed Mountain Bike are so popular.

Max4out 21 Speed Mountain Bike

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Max4out may not be a mountain bike brand with decades worth of history; however, within any given product category, not every brand needs to be.

There is a huge market for high-quality products that do not cost the earth, and that is exactly the niche the Max4out 21 Speed Mountain Bike falls in.

First sold in 2019, its combination of excellent features and value for money that is hard to beat. It is a firm favorite among online buyers, as indicated by both sales and review ratings. Although predominately black, it is available in orange and red trim color options.

Who is This Product For?

This is primarily a men’s mountain bike, given its frame design. At 17 inches, it can accommodate bike riders of many heights, with the manufacturers recommending it is suited to those between 5 feet 2 inches and 6 feet tall. They also suggest a maximum weight of 200 lbs.

Those who love mountain biking but do not see the point in spending a fortune to do so will love the price, and at the same time, be impressed by its features.

The price also means that it is worth considering as an affordable gift.

What’s Included?

The Max4out mountain bike requires some assembly, as is the case with most mountain bikes. Before you start panicking, this is one of the easier mountain bikes to put together.

We are pleased to see that the necessary tools for assembly are included in the box. The box’s main components are the frame, front wheel, seat, handlebars, and pedals.

Overview of Features

It offers the strength needed to withstand mountain biking rigors with a tough and durable frame made from carbon steel. At 17-inches, it is suitable for a broad range of heights.

It comes with 21 different gear speed options, so whether you are trying to climb a steep incline or sprint along the open road, you have the traction and the speed to achieve either.

Stopping when you need to is an essential requirement on a mountain bike. This mountain bike has aluminum disk brakes; when you pull that brake handle, you will immediately come to a halt.

The two front shocks provide the suspension for the bike. This will help reduce the impact on joints such as your wrists, elbows, and shoulders when riding over undulating surfaces.

How to Use It

We would offer the following advice to get the best out of the Max4out 21 Speed Mountain Bike. The first is to simply follow the assembly instructions carefully.

Before you or anyone else goes outside and rides it, check that everything is secure and working – especially the brakes.

Once done, and sticking with the theme of safety, riding any bike should mean wearing a safety helmet to ensure that head injuries are minimized should you fall.  

No matter how competent a cyclist you are, there is always the risk of a fall and a head injury, even on smooth, dry surfaces. On rough terrain, which might be wet, the need is even greater.


  • Solid and durable frame
  • 21 different gear options
  • Disc brakes system
  • Dual front shock absorbers
  • Value for money


  • Colors may fade
  • Assembly required


Schwinn Mesa Adult Mountain Bike

Suppose you want a mountain bike with 21 gears and many other features this Max4out bike has but would be happier to pay more for a bike from one of the industry’s top brands. If this sounds like you, then you will want to consider the Schwinn Mesa Adult Mountain Bike.

It is made by a company many consider to be one of the world’s top mountain bike manufacturers. The Mesa comes with a host of superb features, including 21 gear speeds, aluminum frame, disc brakes, and Zoom suspension forks.


This might not be a mountain bike that carries a well-known name, but it is still a product that offers many features that mountain bikers will love. The price will make anyone who wants to get the best deal they can happy.

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