Best Dirt Bike Goggles in 2022

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Goggles aren’t the most important piece of gear when it comes to dirt bikes and ATVs. After all, there’s nothing more important than protecting your head.

However, a solid pair of goggles are next on the list, seeing as how your vision dictates the safety of your performance, as well.

The primary concern with any pair of dirt bike goggles is keeping the dust out of your eyes while providing the best vision possible.

With that said, there are many factors to be considered when making your choice. For that reason, we’ve come up with this list to help you pick out the pair of the best dirt bike goggles on the market.

Comparison Chart

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Professtional Adult Motorcycle Goggles Off Road Dirt Bike ATV Riding Motocross Mx Goggles Glasses for Men Women Youth Kids(C74)
Dmeixs Motorcycle Goggles Dirt Bike Goggles Grip For Helmet Anti UV Windproof Dustproof Anti Fog Glasses for ATV Off Road Racing with Cool Look Headwear Silver Lens 2 in 1
Ski Goggles, Snowboard Goggles, Atv goggles, Motocross Goggles, Dirt Bike Goggles, UV Protective Windproof Adjustable and OTG for Cycling,Climbing,etc (Damier)
ZDATT Professional Adult Motocross Goggles Dirtbike ATV Motorcycle Gafas UV Protection Motorbike Ski Snowboard Goggles

Best Dirt Bike Goggles Reviews

Wellovar Motorcycle Goggles

These dirt bike goggles are nothing if not flashy. Sure, there are sleek, darker designs to choose from, but here you also get options such as the American flag, pink camo, etc.

It’s safe to say that you’re likely to attract a lot of attention wearing them. The funky designs are ideal for those looking to enhance their adventurous style.

The Wellovar Motorcycle Goggles, however, are far from just pretty and colorful. For one, they offer UV400 protection that gives the rider fantastic optical clarity, particularly during those bright days.

Naturally, this model protects the wearer from dust, wind, and water. At the same time, the TPU frame offers flexibility, thanks to the breathable foam. The lining helps protect from various shocks, in addition to weather conditions. Therefore, comfort is to be expected here.

But on dirt roads, the visibility isn’t only compromised by dust and weather conditions.

Fogging is always a problem with glasses, especially when it comes to longer bouts of biking. Thanks to the anti-fog coating available with Wellovar Motorcycle Goggles, you’ll be able to enjoy your dirt bike rides without interruption.

The strap is another factor that impacts the comfort of dirt bike goggles. Thankfully, the Wellovar strap is elasticized, providing a perfect fit, regardless of the size of your head.

If you have flat cheeks, these goggles will provide you with a perfectly comfy fit. But riders with rounder cheeks might find these a bit on the tight side.

Still, you shouldn’t expect discomfort until an hour or two into a riding session, even if you have the roundest cheeks on the planet.


  • UV400 protection
  • Elasticized strap
  • Anti-fog coating
  • Various style options


Some discomfort for people with rounder cheeks

Jamiewin ATV Goggles


Don’t let “ATV” in the name of this product confuse you – these goggles work perfectly for dirt bikes, too.

Jamiewin ATV Goggles come in a wide variety of color options for adults and kids. They are also a unisex model suitable for both genders. This is because they feature a soft-padded breathable foam lining that fits your face shape perfectly. It’s thanks to this foam lining that the goggles are incredibly comfortable.

The PC lenses are impact-resistant, windproof, and dustproof. They also give the wearer protection against UV rays and provide better vision in sunlight.

Don’t worry about fogging, either, as Jamiewin ATV Goggles have a coating that will help avoid this irritating occurrence.

Thanks to the bendable frame, this model is easy to store. The package includes a neat pouch that protects the goggles against scratches.

At 3.52 oz., Jamiewin ATV Goggles are incredibly lightweight.

The best part about these goggles is that they haven’t been designed with dirt biking in mind. Well, at least not ATV and dirt biking exclusively.

According to the manufacturer, you can use these goggles for any form of bike, ATV, or bicycle dirt events, but also while snowboarding, skiing, and various other extreme activities.

Keep in mind that you should use the provided microfiber cleaning cloth to clean the goggles to avoid scratches.


  • Lightweight and bendable
  • Various uses
  • Very durable and resistant
  • Wide variety of color options


People with larger noses may experience more pressure

Dmeixs Motorcycle Goggles


Most dirt bike goggles are made to fit most head sizes. But depending on their primary use, they may or may not be an ideal fit for dirt bike helmets.

For instance, a pair of goggles can fit a snowboarding/skiing helmet. Still, they may end up feeling too tight for motorcycle helmets.

Thanks to the adjustable, non-slip elastic strap, this Dmeixs model fits both helmets and various head sizes firmly. Naturally, the strap is adjustable, so you can use it for a variety of extreme activities. Still, they are a perfect match for any dirt bike helmet.

The Dmeixs Motorcycle Goggles are made out of a high-quality resin material called UP, which gives them a tough, resilient build.

The PC lenses on this model are dustproof, windproof, scratch-resistant, end even shatter-proof, ensuring maximum protection for the face area they cover.

Additionally, they boast 100% protection against harmful UV rays and grant the wearer fantastic visibility, regardless of the weather conditions.

Around the frame, you’ll find soft sponge lining, ensuring maximum comfort but also thermal dissipation and ventilation. Thanks to this feature, Dmeixs Motorcycle Goggles are classified as “anti-fog.”

The wide inner space on these goggles gives the wearer a clear and broad vision. Additionally, the extra space makes wearing vision aids comfortable.

Inside the package, you also get a piece of soft headwear to protect you from dust and other air particles.


  • UP resin build
  • Non-slip wide strap
  • Sponge padding
  • Wide inner space


Nose piece can be uncomfortable

Wellovar Goggles


Thanks to Wellovar’s spherical shape, these goggles are a perfect fit for every face shape. No matter how big your ears or how round your cheeks are, it will fit your shape perfectly without causing any discomfort whatsoever. The Wellovar’s construction is called TPU, and it was designed to offer cutting-edge comfort.

A comfortable, elastic headband comes attached to the frame, holding the goggles firmly in place when they’re equipped. The headband strap is fully adjustable and capable of direct or helmet wear.

Vents built into the goggle’s design provide ventilation for your face. Even if you decide to take these dirt bike goggles out in the snow, you’re going to want some airflow.

The lenses on Wellovar Motorcycle Goggles block out 100% of the harmful UV400 rays, protecting your eyes while allowing clearer vision.

Fortunately, this doesn’t pose a problem in dimmer conditions. The lenses also boast an aerodynamic design, which enhances visibility. These goggles offer significantly better visibility options than the majority of dirt bike models.

Although these goggles feature fog-resistant coating, as well as air flow, there is something you can do before your dirt bike rides.

Before wearing the goggles, make sure that they stay in a warmer environment, adjusting them to your body temperature.

Wellovar Motorcycle Goggles are resistant to condensation, but, ideally, you’ll want to adjust them to your optimal temperature before taking them out for a ride.


  • Complete UV400 protection
  • Advanced aerodynamics and visibility
  • Breathable
  • TPU material


May fog up

ZDATT Professional Motocross Goggles

Thanks to the advanced ABS frame, ZDATT Professional Motocross Goggles provide a perfect fit for men and women of all sizes and ages. This frame is designed to be a perfect fit with helmets, but the goggles can also be worn directly, with strap adjustment.

Speaking of the strap, it’s extra-long for a cozy helmet fit, but it can be easily adjusted for direct wearing.

The ABS frame design adjusts to the wearer’s face. It provides insulation and protection against dust, water, wind, snow, or other air particles.

However, the frame is lined with a thick, soft sponge layer that helps avoid irritation and general discomfort. This sponge layer also ensures breathability, which helps avoid fogging. Whether you’re out snowboarding or riding a dirt bike, expect clear vision.

The visor is made out of glass with anti-fog coating and anti-UV properties, which safeguard your eyes from harmful UV400 rays. The glass also boasts impact-resistance, which means more protection for your eyes and facial features.

Despite the safety features, Zdatt Professional Motocross Goggles aren’t rigid and stiff. They are lightweight (3.52 oz.) and bendable.

Inside the package, you get a quality microfiber cloth and a cozy bag for safe storage. Use the supplied microfiber cloth for cleaning to avoid scratching the glass surface.


  • Perfect fit for everyone
  • Great for various extreme activities
  • Comes with cloth and storage bag
  • Lightweight and bendable


Prone to scratches

Final Verdict

Although all of the featured goggle models provide comfort and excellent visibility, we think the Wellovar Motorcycle Goggles are the best dirt bike goggles on the list.

They offer advanced UV protection and the best breathability. They also boast a remarkably soft yet resilient TPU construction.

The only downside (fogging potential) shouldn’t impact your dirt bike sessions, as the temperature discrepancy between the lenses and your body won’t be too high.

Even if it is, though, a simple warmup will help remedy this frustrating issue.

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