Best Full-Suspension Mountain Bikes of 2022 Complete Reviews with Comparisons

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Are you shopping for a mountain bike that can move with speed and comfort? The problem with many mountain bikes, especially when they only have shocks in the fork, is that they can really hurt your backside and your body in general.

All those bumps and impacts can really take a toll. This article reviews some of the best full-suspension mountain bikes that will absorb as much impact as possible, so you can ride faster and with more comfort.

Comparison Chart

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Diamondback Release 29 2 Mountain Bike
Mongoose Status 2.2 Womens Mountain Bike, 26-Inch Wheels, 21-Speed Shifters, Aluminum Frame, Dual Suspension, Teal
514Vf0wqQES. SL500
Hiland 26 Inch Mountain Bike Aluminum Frame 21 Speed MTB Bicycle with Suspension Fork
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OBK G4 26″ Full Suspension Folding Mountain Bike 21 Speed
51rTEfa0m2L. SL500
Electric Bike, Eahora AM100, Upgraded 500W 48V 14Ah Powerful Electric Mountain Bicycle, Full Suspension Adult Electric Bicycle Hydraulic Brake, 27.5″ 9-Speed Urban Ebike Max Speed 28MPH

Best Full-Suspension Mountain Bikes – Reviews

Diamondback Bicycles Release Full Suspension Mountain Bike 

41XQG p9aML

If you are on the hunt for a truly fantastic mountain bike with a top-quality suspension, as well as a myriad of excellent components, this could be the right choice for you.


Right off the bat, the Diamondback Release comes in four different sizes ranging from small to extra-large, plus there are many different styles and colors, so you can choose the size, color, and style that suits you best. It’s always nice when you have some choice.

The Diamondback Release features a fantastic full-suspension dampening system. First, it has an in-frame rear suspension with 130 mm of travel, and second, it features a Fox Rhythm 34 fork with a full 150 mm of travel.

Not only do both of these suspension components have excellent travel distances, but they’re also made with high-quality components. This suspension system eats big bumps for breakfast, and you will barely feel a thing, even on the toughest of terrain.

The Diamondback Release features Shimano SLX drivetrain components, and the Shimano SLX cranks are highly durable. You get a 1 x 12 gear system with simple lever-style shifters to help you power over any terrain.

The Diamondback Release also comes with top-notch disc brakes for excellent stopping power, no matter the situation. The mechanical and moving components, whether the gears and cranks, the drivetrain, or the brakes, are high-quality.

Finally, the progressive geometry makes it fast and flickable, yet also stable, safe, and comfortable at high speeds. Of course, you get what you pay for, and here you get a lot of quality. We would say that the price tag on this bike is definitely worth it, all things considered.


  • Excellent impact absorption
  • Great stopping power
  • High-quality drivetrain
  • Comes in many styles, colors, and sizes
  • Wheels can go tubeless


  • Massive price tag
  • Assembly can take a while

Mongoose Status 2.2 Women’s Mountain Bike


As a full-suspension mountain bike for women, the Mongoose Status 2.2 is up there with the best of them. It has some impressive features, yet the price tag is pretty reasonable.


What needs to be said right off the bat is that this bike has 26” wheels, which are ideal for riders between 64 and 74 inches tall, but unfortunately, this bike does not come in different sizes, nor in different colors.

You get what you see, which is fine, just as long as you are aware. The frame here is aluminum, so you know that it’s lightweight.

In terms of functionality, this is a full-suspension bike, which features a fork suspension for the front and an in-frame rear shock. Although the components may not be as high quality as the Diamondback reviewed above, they are still more than good enough, especially considering the reasonable price.

Simply put, the Mongoose Status 2.2 can absorb a lot of impact to remain stable and comfortable. On that same note, this mountain bike also features a very wide and well-padded seat for some extra comfort.

To ensure that you can climb hills with ease and descend with speed, the Mongoose Status 2.2 features a 21-speed gear system with some pretty decent components. The drivetrain should last for years to come and to handle some serious punishment.

Although this bike doesn’t have disc brakes, it does have high-quality front and rear V brakes, and they do provide pretty good stopping power. To help you stay in control, the Mongoose Status 2.2 features relatively narrow handlebars, along with adequate padding to keep your hands comfortable.

We think the Mongoose Status 2.2 Full-suspension mountain is an excellent choice considering the reasonable price.

It may have a couple of minor issues, and some of the components could be a bit higher in quality, but overall, seeing as the price tag is so moderate, there is really nothing much to complain about.


  • Good price
  • Decent stopping power
  • Full 21-speed gear system for versatility
  • Excellent shock absorption
  • Both comfy and fast
  • Can handle many terrains
  • Lightweight


  • Could use disc brakes
  • One size fits all

Hiland Full-Suspension Mountain Bike  

514Vf0wqQES. SL500

If it’s a super high-quality, extremely durable, versatile, and functional mountain bike you want, and you don’t want to pay a fortune for it, this Hiland 24 Full-suspension mountain bike could be precisely what you need.


We said that this bike is durable, something that the Hiland steel frame proves without a doubt. Steel might not be the lightest in the world, but it does allow for superb durability. Steel is also a little flexible, something that can help absorb more minor bumps and impacts.

However, for those big bumps, the Hiland 24 Full-suspension mountain bike features an excellent Taiwan Zoom suspension fork with a ridiculous amount of travel, as well as an in-frame rear shock with almost as much travel as the front.

Seeing as these shocks are made with quality components and have such a far travel distance, they can eat most bumps with ease, and that will keep you comfortable.

The Hiland 24 Full-suspension mountain bike has a saddle with plenty of padding, not to mention that the handlebars’ grips are equally comfortable. However, don’t mistake comfort for lack of quality, because you really do get the best of both worlds here.

This bike features a 21-speed gear system with a full Shimano drivetrain to help power you through steep climbs and let you speed downhill.

Shimano makes some of the best drivetrain and bike components, so you know that this bike will last, and it’s going to perform. When you need to stop fast, the high-quality disc brakes will be there for you.


  • Free pedals and kickstand included
  • All components are very high-quality
  • Great stopping power
  • Excellent gear range
  • Very functional drivetrain
  • Comes in a couple of sizes
  • Great tires for most terrains


  • The bike runs a bit small
  • Needs a lot of maintenance and care

OBK Full Suspension Folding Mountain Bike

51 JOSPrtuL

Yes, you read that right – this is a folding mountain bike, something we will explain in more detail further below. It is an affordable mountain bike with full suspension, disc brakes, and more, and all for a reasonable price.


So we should first talk about the folding feature. The OBK Full Suspension Folding Mountain Bike features a locking hinge in the center of the frame. This hinge allows you to literally fold the bike in half, handy for transportation and storage purposes.

We would like to say that this bike is durable, and in all reality, thanks to the various high-quality components it is made with, it is pretty tough. The problem is the center hinge, the folding aspect.

While it’s a nifty feature, it’s a definite weak point on the bike. If there is one component that will give out first, our money would be on that hinge.

In terms of riding, the OBK Full Suspension Folding Mountain Bike features a front suspension fork and in-frame rear suspension, so it does a pretty good job at absorbing impacts. Moreover, this bike features a 21-speed gear system with Shimano drivetrain and shifter components, so you can rest assured that the gear system performs well.

What is surprising is that the frame is made out of steel. Now, steel is great because it is both durable and flexible, with the ability to negate some impacts, but it is pretty heavy. It is surprising because we would expect a folding bike designed for portability to also be lightweight, which it is decidedly not.

This bike comes with high-quality disc brakes, which is a surprise, considering the low price.


  • Easy to store and transport
  • Good at absorbing impacts
  • High-quality Shimano drivetrain and shifter
  • Good disc brakes for stopping power
  • Overall quite comfortable
  • Quite durable for the most part
  • Reasonable price


  • Folding hinge is a weak point
  • Difficult assembly process

eAhora AM100 Electric Mountain Bicycle

51rTEfa0m2L. SL500

For all who want to ride over rough terrains on a leisurely ride and don’t want to expend much energy, this modern electric mountain bike could be something to look into.


This is an electric bike that features a 500-watt battery and motor. This is pretty neat because it can reach a maximum of 28 mph, which is relatively fast.

Moreover, this bike comes with various motor modes that allow you to adjust performance, resulting in differing battery life. This bike can go up to 80 miles in sport mode before it needs to be charged. However, you could probably double that distance by pedaling—this bike has an E-PAS system that charges the battery as you pedal along.

This bike features a nine-speed transmission with simple handlebar shifters to help you climb hills with ease and go downhill with speed. The transmission system is made by Shimano.

What also stands out about this bike is that it features hydraulic brakes. Yes, you read that right, hydraulic brakes. These should provide you with more than enough stopping power for any situation. It also features full front and rear air suspension to help eat those bumps.


  • Electric motor
  • Charges as you pedal
  • Can go fast and far
  • Good suspension
  • High-quality drivetrain
  • High-quality brakes


  • Quite expensive
  • Not really a true mountain bike
  • Battery needs charging and maintenance

Buyer’s Guide

Before you shop for a full-suspension mountain bike, let’s quickly talk about some of the primary considerations to be aware of.


One of the most important things to look for in any mountain bike is the frame’s geometry. In fact, there are nine critical geometric factors you need to consider.

These include the seat angle, bottom bracket height, chainstay length, the wheelbase, the reach, the top tube, the head angle, the front center, and the down tube.


You have two main choices in materials for the frame, aluminum and steel. Some bikes are made of carbon fiber and other materials, but steel and aluminum are the two most common. You need to know that steel is much heavier than aluminum and more durable, and it has a better ability to absorb some impact due to its slight flexibility.

Fork and Shock

You want to ensure that your suspension system is high-quality. For the front shock, a travel distance of roughly 150 mm should do OK, and just slightly under that for the rear shock. The point is that you want to ensure that the shocks are both durable and that they can move far enough without bottoming out.

Saddle and Handlebar

The saddle on a mountain bike is another essential component, as you want something relatively wide and well-padded, so when you sit, your backside won’t hurt. The handlebars are always important to consider, and keep in mind here that the wider the handlebars, the more acute your steering will be.


When it comes down to it, although the Diamondback Bicycles Release Full-Suspension Mountain Bike is by far the most expensive option on the list, it is our top recommendation.

Yes, it is expensive, but the fact is that it is simply the best. It looks fantastic, it is comfortable to ride, and all of the components are top-notch.

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