What are BMX Bikes Good for?

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If you are trying to decide what kind of bicycle to get, all of those different choices might make things a bit difficult. You’ve got your road bikes, mountain bikes, and BMX bikes too.

When it comes to BMX bikes, they certainly look quite cool, and yeah, they’re great for stunts and tricks too. However, tricks are just one of the things that BMX bikes are good for.

So, what are the reasons why you might get a BMX bike?

What are BMX Bikes Good for

1. BMX Bikes Require Very Little Maintenance

One of the good things about BMX bikes is that when compared to other types of bikes, they require comparatively little maintenance. The reason for this is mainly because a BMX bike only has a single gear, and thus it does not require any derailers.

Since there are no gears to switch back and forth between, there are far fewer moving components on a BMX bike when compared to a road bike or a mountain bike, and therefore they require less maintenance.

Simply put, BMX bikes don’t have many components on them that can easily break, and that means fewer trips to the service shop, not to mention money saved.

2. BMX Bikes are Very Lightweight & Compact

Another thing that you might enjoy about BMX bikes is that they are generally very compact and lightweight.

For one, because they tend to be so lightweight, they don’t cause too much fatigue when riding. In other words, the lower the weight of the bike, the less energy you need to expend to propel it forward.

Next, when it comes to city living, this lightweight and compact nature also makes them very maneuverable and fairly well equipped to zip around roads and sidewalks, not to mention that carrying a BMX up a flight of stairs is enough to do, even with a single hand.

Moreover, if you live in a tight space, such as an apartment, a BMX bike won’t take up too much space. If you stand it on the rear wheel, you could even fit a BMX bike into a relatively small closet for storage.

What are BMX Bikes Good fo

3. BMX Bikes are Very Affordable

Right from the get go, a BMX might be a prime choice for you simply because they don’t cost all that much to purchase.

Yeah, there are BMX bikes out there that can cost thousands of dollars, but those are usually reserved for the pro riders that need top of the line equipment from big brand names.

However, if you are just looking for a simple BMX, a decent model, you can easily find one for a couple hundred dollars.

If you are looking to save money, you’ll end up spending much less on a BMX than on a road bike or a mountain bike of equal quality, just about half.

Features like gears aside, you could spend $200 to $400 on a nice BMX, whereas a mountain bike of the same quality could easily cost you twice that amount. This lower cost is generally associated with the fact that BMX bikes only have the single gear, plus due to their smaller size, less materials are required to make them.

BMX bikes are great if you want a two wheeled vehicle without having to spend a fortune.

4. BMX Bikes are Ideal for Short Distance Commuting

Alright, so you probably recognize that a BMX bike is not the best option for long distance commuting, particularly if there are a lot of hills and inclines involved.

However, if you are only travelling a couple of miles and the terrain is relatively smooth and flat, then a BMX bike is a good way to go.

You can glide along relatively effortlessly, and that allows for a relaxing ride. On that same note, BMX bikes, while they are not designed for speed by any means, they do excel at proving you with a leisurely riding experience.

5. Tricks, Flips, Stunts, & More

Ok, so we definitely could not ignore the one thing that BMX bikes are best at, the one thing that they are exclusively designed for, tricks, stunts, flips, and everything in between.

Due to their lightweight and compact nature, plus their durable designs that are not prone to breaking down, they are the perfect thing to fly off of jumps with.

It’s easy to rotate a BMX 360 degrees in any direction, you can do flips, tail whips, handlebar spins, and more.

BMX bikes are also designed to allow you to put pegs on the wheels, which opens up a whole new world of possibilities, with grinding rails being just one of them.


The bottom line is that BMX bikes are great for doing all sorts of tricks, for getting a bike without spending a fortune, for having a lightweight and compact mode of transportation, and just for having a fun and leisurely ride.

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