Elite Stealth Freestyle 20” BMX Bike Review

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With a name like ‘Elite,’ you might be expecting this company to be making top-of-the-range racing bicycles. However, they do not.

They do, though, manufacture some of the most popular BMX bikes on the market, and their Stealth 20 inch BMX bike is right up there with the best of them. Let’s take a closer look to see why.

Elite Stealth Freestyle 20” BMX Bike


We referred to ‘Elite’ in terms of this company’s name. Still, to be more accurate, they are called Elite BMX, which gives you a better indication of the types of bikes they specialize in.

At present, they make 5 models – CMDR, DESTRO, STEALTH, PEE WEE 18″ and PEE WEE 16″. As you may have gathered from some of the names and tire sizes, their bikes are targeted towards younger age groups and beginner BMX enthusiasts.

First sold in 2018, the Stealth Freestyle is one of the most popular models that Elite BMX produces. The reviews it has received from all channels have been exceptionally positive.

Who is This Product For?

It will primarily appeal to those who love BMX, and with the 20-inch wheels, it should be suitable for most youths and kids who want a bike they can either play or ride to school.

Of course, it can also be used for BMX tricks, and the Stealth Freestyle has proven to be especially suited to BMX beginners.

Given the excellent value for money that this BMX bike offers, others interested in this bike are parents and grandparents looking for the ideal gift for kids of most ages.

What’s Included?

The Elite Stealth Freestyle is a BMX bike that will need to be assembled before use, so do not expect a complete bike when it is delivered. Instead, you will receive each of the required components; however, the tools needed for assembly are omitted.

Inside the box, you should expect to find the frame with the back wheel attached, the front wheel, the brake assembly, the saddle, the pedals, and the handlebar.

Overview of Features

One of the problems with buying bikes for kids is that they often outgrow them too quickly. However, as the Elite Stealth’s handlebar and seat heights can be adjusted, their positions can follow a kid’s growth accordingly.

To be of any value, you need the bike to last for a reasonable length of time. Given that the frame and the handlebar assembly are made from high-tensile steel, you can be sure that this bike will last longer.

The wheels are made from an aluminum alloy and are lightweight and robust. The tires on the wheels are wider than usual, and the tread ensures that when the person riding needs speed or grip, it is available to them.

Finally, we have the all-important U-brake, made from alloy and controlled by a single lever attached to the handlebar.

How to Use It

The best action to enjoy it entirely is to follow the downloadable manufacturer’s assembly instructions. This will ensure the bike is assembled correctly, and crucially, and that it is safe to ride.

To assemble the bike, you will need some basic tools – slip-joint pliers, screwdrivers (1 x flat-blade, 1 x Phillips), an adjustable wrench, an open-ended wrench, and Allen keys.

Although not essential, we also suggest you wear gloves while assembling the bike to protect your hands and fingers.


  • Fat tires with excellent tread
  • High tensile steel frame
  • Comfortable seat
  • Adjustable with kid’s growth
  • Great value for money


  • No assembly tools included
  • Some welds are unsightly


Mongoose Legion Freestyle Sidewalk BMX Bike


Although the Elite Stealth Freestyle offers excellent value, if you really want to squeeze as much from your dollars as you can, you should take a look at the Mongoose Legion Freestyle Sidewalk BMX Bike.

It comes from Mongoose, one of the highest-rated bike manufacturers. It is a similar size that will suit the same age groups. The wheels are head turners thanks to their aluminum rims, and it comes in a choice of 7 colors.

As for value, this is one of the lowest-priced BNX bikes on the market, so that box for ‘Value’ is most definitely ticked.


Anyone looking for an excellent value BMX bike that offers high-quality will love the Elite Stealth Freestyle. It is ideal for youths and beginner BMXers; its durable frame should ensure that it will last, and it also makes a perfect gift.

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