Hyper Spinner Gloss Black BMX Bike Review

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Suppose you were looking for someone who would be the best at designing BMX bikes. In that case, you might turn to a BMX professional.

Hyper is a bike manufacturing company founded by BMX professional Clay Goldsmith, which bodes well for finding top features on their Spinner BMX bike.

Hyper Spinner Gloss Black BMX Bike


Goldsmith founded Hyper back in 1990. In the 30 years since, they have grown from a company that made parts and components for BMX bikes to one that also now manufactures its own range of top-quality BMX bikes.

The range is impressive. It has no fewer than 37 different bikes, emphasizing mainly BMX bikes, city bikes, and kids’/youth bikes. They even have a couple of electric bikes in their catalog.

The Hyper Spinner is obviously from their BMX portfolio, and it has been on sale since 2019. There is only one version, so there are no variations with regard to size or color.

Who is This Product For?

In terms of the age range, we dare say there is no upper limit on who could have fun on the Hyper Spinner.

Still, it is fair to say that its primary target audience will be youths, kids, or those adults who want to give BMX riding a try. Obviously, it does not need to be used for BMX tricks and can be used for riding in the street and in parks.

As we usually point out for this type of BMX, it is sure to appear on some kids’ wish lists for what they want as a birthday, Thanksgiving, or Christmas present.

As its price is toward the lower end for BMX bikes, many grandparents and parents will be eyeing this as an ideal gift for one of their family’s younger members.

What’s Included?

If you buy the Hyper Spinner online, it will be delivered to you semi-assembled. That way, they are easier and cheaper to ship.

The box will have all the parts of the bike that are needed for assembly. However, it will not contain the necessary tools, so you will need to get them if you do not already have them.

The parts you should receive are the bike’s frame, to which the back wheel and chain assembly will be already attached.

Others include the pedals, the saddle, the handlebars, the front wheel, and most importantly, the front and rear reflectors, which should always be present on a bike for safety reasons.

Overview of Features

BMX bikes need to be robust, and, for the most part, that relies on the frame. The fact that the Hyper Spinner has a steel frame means that strength is there in abundance.

Putting the bike together is easy. Once assembled, you will see that the handlebars can rotate 360°. Therefore, it is ideal for anyone who wants to do tricks with this bike.

Connection with the ground should be excellent thanks to the tires, which have multiple optimum grip surfaces. The alloy rim wheels with 48 spokes have removable stunt pegs.

The bike has front and rear brakes for maximum stopping ability, and these are controlled by the left and right brake levers, which are attached to the handlebars.

Finally, we need to mention the cushioned saddle, which is exceptionally comfortable and is nicely finished with stitching to match the bike’s trim color.

How to Use It

As we’ve mentioned, you will need to assemble the bike using specific tools. These are 5mm & 6mm Allen keys, a Phillips head screwdriver, pliers with a cutting ability, and wrenches sized 9mm, 10mm, 14mm, and 15mm.

You might also need a bicycle pump to ensure the tires are properly inflated.

Hyper produce a detailed instruction manual for each bike that they manufacture. The one for the Spinner can be downloaded from their website if it is not in the box.

As well as step-by-step text instructions, the manual also has clear illustrations to help you with the bike’s assembly.


  • Very comfortable
  • Sturdy steel frame
  • Alloy BMX pedals
  • Easy to assemble
  • Excellent value


  • Single unit crank
  • Heavy for its size


Dynacraft Magna Front Shock Mountain Bike

41Y06QvhChL. SL500

Suppose you are looking for an alternative to the Hyper Spinner, which has fantastic reviews, but which costs almost half the price. In that case, you should look at the Dynacraft Magna Front Shock Mountain Bike.

This is a bike designed for fun, with bright colors, and it also has an adjustable seat for kids who are growing. This bike’s price is below $200, making it a great gift option anytime, not just Christmas or birthdays.


The Hyper Spinner is top-quality BMX, which is built to last and will give kids and BMX beginners a great way to learn new tricks and have fun. It is going to be a popular gift because it is priced within many budgets.

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