Mongoose Title Elite 24 BMX Race Bike Review

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There are hundreds, possibly even thousands, of BMX bikes on the market that are primarily designed for leisure, pleasure, and for kids – and all that is great.

However, for those who take BMX more seriously – to the point of advanced competition –  a BMX bike on a whole different level is required. That is why we are going to look at the Mongoose Title Elite 24 BMX Bike.

Mongoose Title Elite 24 BMX Race Bike


Suppose you do not know who Mongoose are. In that case, they are one of the most popular and admired bicycle manufacturers that exist.

So when it comes to selecting a BMX bike that is good enough to take into a competition, they are bound to be near the top of the list of possibilities.

This specific bike comes from their impressive ‘Race’ category, which has 25 bikes ranging from those in the same class as the Title Elite 24 down to those suitable for juniors. These are all for intermediate to pro BMX racing, and, as you’d imagine, they have a host of advanced features.

The Title Elite 24 is one of three top-of-the-range models that come with a premium price tag, as you would expect. But balancing that is why they can help win trophies for those who ride them in competitions.

Who is This Product For?

As you may have gathered from what you have read so far, these are most certainly not stocking fillers for kids at Christmas. They are for those who are either seasoned BMX riders or who want to raise their skills to a higher level.

It should also be clear that this BMX bike is suitable for those who plan to enter BMX races to win.

We don’t want to suggest that anyone who wants to own a Mongoose Title elite must be focused on competing.

We’re sure many will like this bike for its quality and will purchase it for commuting to work, riding through the park, or leisurely rides along the open roads.

What’s Included?

As you would expect, a bike of this size does not come fully assembled. When the box arrives and you open it, you should expect to find the frame.

The rear wheel and main gear speed assembly are attached. The handlebars, the front wheel, the seat, and the pedals need to be added.

All the connector pieces and brackets required to assemble the bike should also come with it, as will an owner’s manual. Note that the tools needed to assemble the bike are not included.

Overview of Features

For any competition, you need a BMX bike that is lightweight yet robust. This is facilitated on The Title Elite 24 by the Tectonic T1 hydroformed aluminum frame, which has a weight of just 3.3 lbs. yet can endure the many impacts the bike is bound to have.

The drivetrain has an alloy hollow spindle and an aluminum chainring, which will be durable and provide instant traction and drive whenever required.

The rims are double-wall and made from aluminum. You get 24-inch tires with a width of 1.75 inches and a tread, which work with either the drivetrain or the brakes, depending on whether you are accelerating, decelerating, or maneuvering the bike.

How to Use It

Although this is a premium BMX bike, it still needs to be assembled. You will first have to read through the owner’s manual, which describes how this can be done.

Here is a link to one you can download.

In there, you will see that you will need tools to assemble your Title Elite 24 bike, and the first of these will be pliers, which can cut through the many ties that hold all the parts onto the frame during transit.

Other assembly tools will be Allen keys – sized 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 8mm – an adjustable wrench, and a Phillips head screwdriver.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Tectonic T1 aluminum frame
  • V-brake is very responsive
  • Lightweight and easy to maneuver
  • Ideal for BMX race competitions


  • Seat is not that comfortable
  • Plastic pedals too short


Redline Bikes Rival 20 Freestyle BMX

41pO8m5eRkS. SL500

If you want a BMX bike for competitions as impressive as the Title Elite 24, but which comes with 20-inch wheels for smaller users, you should check out the Redline Bikes Rival 20 Freestyle BMX. It has a robust but lightweight aluminum frame, 20 x 2.25-inch tires.


This is a premium bike from a top manufacturer for those who see themselves as skilled BMX racers and need a high-quality BMX bike to enter competitions.

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